• NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones
  • NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones

NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones

Price: $49.99
Product Code: NX80-11580
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The ergonomically designed NoiseHush NX80 features patent pending bass system to reproduce high definition, bass-driven sound without the need for batteries. The in-line microphone of the NX80 is acoustically tuned to filter out external noise, ensuring that callers hear clearly even in the noisiest situations. With its control button, you can conveniently switch between phone calls and your favorite music. The tangle-free eliminates the hassles and damages caused by frequently entangled cords. Crank it UP!

NoiseHush is passionate about design, quality, technology, and improving lives through revolutionary products. Be confident you are receiving the best product when you select a NoiseHush Bluetooth Headset, Car Kit, Solar Car Kit, Helmet Headset, and other Handsfree Bluetooth device.

William T.
These are the best headphones I have ever used. They are well thought out and constructed. They are WELL worth the money. If I ever lose/break my pair I will definitely buy another. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for headphones or needs a better pair. -William

They are fantastic!! Amazing bass and they block out noise amazingly. Very worth the money!!

my first pair was awesome but I lost them but they were so good I had to buy another pair great sound and the bass is very booming over all awesome earbuds

Great headphones! my friend has a pair of beats and mine sound better! I have the beats audio on my HTC One and it makes it just... amazing! Great headphones!

Although we usually wait until our testing team has had samples 2 weeks before providing feedback, I thought you’d like to hear this. We have an employee here at HQ who used to work for Monster. He is very familiar with the Beats line and he listens to his music all day. I thought he would be the most critical, being a big fan of the Beats product. He LOVES the NX80! Some of his feedback in comparing them to the far more expensive Beats was: · It fits in the ear better and stays in the ear better than Beats · Cord design is more practical · Sound is as good as Beats · The look is very cool Thought I’d end your day with some good news. Shirley

Just got a hold of a pair of these headphones and have to say they are great...in appearance, construction, fit and most importantly, audio quality. I use with an iPhone and iPad and have tried quite a few different brands ranging in price from $50 to $100. The Noisehush is a favorite. The buds fit well and stay in place while exercising. The mic works great when receiving calls or skipping tracks or pausing. Noise cancelation is great. And the audio quality is terrific...deep base, clear mids and highs. It's too soon to know how durable they will be, but the construction seems solid. I especially like the material used for the insulation as it will resist tangling and moisture. Well thought out design.

Very nice headset and the packaging was impressive

Michael Kelson
First, I want to say that the NoiseHush NX80 comes in a fantastically packaged box. Well done. Second, the sound quality is very good. I've been wearing these exclusively since my Beats broke. The sound quality is different, but very good. It is much clearer in terms of sound quality and I can hear all the ranges in the songs. Lastly, the black pouch that came with the product also felt very high quality and I use it to carry other things such coins, gum, my USB drive, etc. Very handy. But in relation to the product, the combination of a portable pouch and no-tangle cord on the NX80 is fantastic Keep up the good work.. you just earned an additional fan to your brand

Very bass heavy, and the passive noise cancelation is good, but for the bass to really kick in, you need a proper seal. Only thing is, bass heavy music isn't for everyone, and the mic for calls isn't perfectly clear. Overall these are an excellent pair of earbuds for only $15.

This is a great product and I enjoy all the details that comes along. Woot woot!x

OMG. the sound of these earbuds are out of this world!,I have retired my beats, after using these! For the price they are awesome.

OMG! These earbuds are great,I have retired my beats,sound is so much better,and for the price WOW!

Just got a pair the bass is solid I can here things I didn't before in song the un tangle wire was well thought out good work

Just got my set of NoiseHush NX80 and I am so glad I found this product. I have never left a review for anything but these buds, or should I say, "sound system" blew me away. They Do not have the deep deep bass of the Beats brand. Nor do they exploit the highs of the Bose buds but they are a perfect mix of the two. Now, you will need to try the different sizes of the cushions to find the right size to insulate your ears so you can take full advantage of the 'noise isolation' technology. I was not sure what this was but the buds don't cancel noise but while you are enjoying your tunes, they seem to put you a secluded area of soothing music. Don't dare spend a chunk of your hard earned money one those expensive brands when you can get these great buds for a fraction of the price.

I Love this Headset. Beautiful sound and bass, I'm a true satisfied customer.

ivan gavino
These headphones are great and the customer service is great thanks to Mark Ricks fast responses through email I was able to send in ny factory defective headphones and get new ones in les than 5 days...

Travis Gritz
The NX80 headphones are the best headphones I have owned. The customer service is what makes them far above the rest. They have responded and treated me fairly and that is something to be said in this day and age. They responded quickly and solved the only issue I have had. Great company I have suggested to five close friends and they feel the same as I. I will continue to suggest to ally friends and do the same to anyone who takes the time to read this. Thank you.

Love this product! these head phones are perfect for me. the only thing id watch for is the cord, the cord can easily be messed up by the slights pull if its not from the jack its self. other than that these headphones are CRAZY good

I bought these headphones to be able to talk on my phone when I run and they're great! No need to hold the button to talk either, which is helpful when running. Audio quality when listening to music is overly bassy, but I believe that is by design to filter out background noise when talking on the phone. I have called someone and can hear them really well, as well as been called by someone else with another pair and the ability to hear their voice without any static or background noise is really what makes these ideal in my opinion.

the best headphones I ever had! IN LOVE.. the bass is so good and the sound is so crisp .. definitely worth the money!

I just bought them and I am so Loving it...I'm really impressed with the design and the audio quality is the best!! I'm definitely sticking with this brand NX80

Awesome In-Ear headphones I ever owned.. Extreme sound quality and zero noise or buzz.. I must say about the bass effect.. I never ever heard such an brilliant bass effects in any of d earphones and with the beats audio player it makes me go even more wild by its sound and bass quality.. I would rate 10/10.. extremely worth for the money..

Great pair of headphones, excellent noise reduction. Extremely versatile, I just ran mine through the washer and dryer & their still ticking!

The first thing that attracted me to the nx80 is the flat cable construction. Tangling can cause any audophile to lose his or her cool and rip your hair out. The flat cable is incredible and one of the best features of the product. I have the blue and they are so striking, I get compliments about the color continuously. I bought a blackberry Q10 and the premium headset that was included was "premium" but the music quality was less than desireable. It was awful and tinny. So started looking around for a replacement. I wanted something that had good lows, mids and highs with bass. I test all headsets by listening to classical music or opera. THat way you really get to hear if there are any distortions. NOne whatsoever. THe silicone plugs are fantastic and seal out outside noise. You can sanp your fingers close to you ears and you WILL not be able to hear that. The colors are very eye catching and i have two of the colors to match different outfits. Overall great quality, great pricing, and comparable to higher end earphones.

They are awesome! Love the quality!

Sajin Mathew
Can any tell me if this headphones (NX80) works with LG NEXUS 4 ?? Noisehush Response: This Headset is directly compatible with the LG NEXUS 4.

Is this NX80 work with Nokia Lumia 1520 (for built-in mic and volume control)?

Yes, I agree with everyone about the sound. However, I am in need of an ear hook to go with them because the buds work their way out while I am riding my bike. I am waiting to hear back from customer service to know if there is such a thing for these.

Good bass nice voice clarity !!