Counterfeit Product Solution Headquarters

“Thank you for assisting NoiseHush in discovering those dupes!”

At NoiseHush we are resolute in our determination to continue providing distinctive leading-edge and innovative Bluetooth connectivity solutions that incorporate patented technologies, precision hand-craftsmanship, advanced ergonomic designs, with the most advanced and finest quality materials.

The materials utilized in genuine NoiseHush products are of the highest quality, built by our very own trusted in-house engineers, and go through an intense quality control testing procedures to safeguard authenticity and consumer safety. NoiseHush engineers maintain the ultimate consciousness surrounding our customers' security, so they go that added mile to preserve safety regulations and supervision fundamentals.

Our customers have come to count on concrete paradigms from the NoiseHush brand for all their audio and wireless lifestyle necessities, which is why we are putting crucial strategies in place to make absolutely certain that each and every one of their expectations continue to be met without fault.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and NoieHush is proud to maintain one of the lowest return rates in the industry, with this in mind, feel secure in the knowledge that we are more than happy to offer and perpetuate our Standard 1 Year Limited Warranty for genuinely purchased products.

NoiseHush is unrelenting in their campaign to stop imposters. Old adages may state that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when those imitations are misleadingly provoking our customers into purchasing inferior merchandise.

NoiseHush hopes to deliver products that demonstrate our passion for improving lives through revolutionary products, with your help. Our suggestion for safety and precaution is to purchase your items directly from our website or an authorized reseller.

If you sense you’ve found fakes contact us so that we can protect you, your warranty, and our business; help us continue our goals of setting in motion unparalleled sensory experiences that herald the unimagined potential of sound comprehension with our trustworthy and authentic products.

Thank you for being a valued NoiseHush customer!